(and Senior-High, for that matter)

Maybe this is going to sound weird coming from Senior-High’s Chief Marketing Officer and Head Lackey, but I don’t like to get high. I really don’t. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I’d prefer a glass or two of Pinot Noir or the occasional bone-dry martini (no vermouth and shaken, not stirred).

So you’re probably wondering, “Then what in the wide wide world of sports are you doing working for a resource that advocates cannabis products for seniors?”

The truth is that I’m a firm believer in the medicinal benefits of cannabis, particularly for us old farts. If you want to get stoned, have at it. But personally I don’t like the feeling I get from smoking, vaping or ingesting THC. That’s just me.

Well, and maybe you.

We’ve heard from several people our age that they’re not interested in cannabis (or Senior-High, for that matter) because they don’t want to get high. But the difference is that you can enjoy cannabis (and Senior-High, for that matter) without getting high. I do. I use a non-THC tincture every day to help me cope with stress. As I’ve written in the product reviews section of Senior-High’s website, Healer makes a wonderful tincture that has made me far less grumpy. I get all the benefit without the feeling that I’m stoned.

I also use various cannabis products to help me fall asleep and stay asleep, without getting stoned.

Finally, I use some balms and creams that provide significant relief for my arthritic shoulder. Some have THC, some don’t. See, THC in a topical doesn’t get you high. Trust me. I’ve been using Papa & Barkley’s 1:3 Releaf Balm for a few years now, and never felt like I was the least bit stoned. It sure does ease the pain in my shoulder, though.

So to those seniors who don’t want to feel stoned, please don’t let that stop you from using cannabis products (or joining Senior-High, for that matter). We offer a wealth of products that do not contain THC yet deliver significant medicinal benefits. You’ll feel better without feeling stoned. We also provide a lot of bona fide information to seniors on the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

We wish you a Happy New Year and hope you enjoy Senior-High. Please tell your friends!


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