Restful Night Drink Mix


Better sleep is here. Meet Restful Night. Cultivated as a power-packed synergistic blend of adaptogens, melatonin, and herbals — get ready to sleep smarter, and longer. Great sleep is much more than it’s duration, it’s about the quality of your sleep cycles. Aka: your ebb & flow. In this sleep enhancing blend, melatonin works synergistically with l-theanine, tryptopure, reishi, magnesium and lemon balm to support healthier sleep cycles. Promotes deep relaxation and nightly nourishment for a more rejuvenated you. Productive sleep is as easy as 1-2-3. Rip, pour and stir 30 minutes before bedtime. Mixes easily into hot or cool water for those who would prefer a slow wind down into the evening. All-natural cinnamon hibiscus flavor to make your evening ritual even more enjoyable.

.11 oz


* Prices subject to change without notice. Discounts from the manufacturer are often available when automatic refills are purchased.
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