Jewel – Sapphire


Set the 420 mood to Lounge with our Jewel Collection. These precious gems are here to illuminate your sacred rituals and invite only the highest of vibrations into your space. Light a candle next to Jewel and gaze in delight as the facets of colored glass dance in its glow. Whether at a consumption lounge–or lounging at home consuming–any one (or all three, wink) of these precious Jewels is set to bedazzle the scene and create a whole new vibe.

Included with your Jewel My Bud Vase®

  • Jewel diamond-patterned glass decanter with topper – H:12.5″ (with topper) W: 5″
  • Jewel large custom matching bowl & 6″ fixed bent downstem
  • My Bud Vase® cloisonne logo poker
  • Satin Care Kit with Certificate of Authenticity

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