There are many benefits for people like us who have medical cannabis cards. We suggest you consider getting one, for a variety of reasons. You’ll save money – and who doesn’t like that? While cannabis may help you immeasurably, it is not covered by your insurance. It’s not (yet) legal on the federal level and people use marijuana for other than medical reasons.

When a state legalizes recreational use of cannabis, people tend to stop getting their MMJ cards and are missing out on a bunch of benefits like paying less for products, not paying tax, the ability to purchase higher quantities, different age limitations, and additional advantages. (NOTE: These benefits vary by state).

Also, in medical-only states, the card will allow you access to medical dispensaries. Each state has their own qualifications for access to the MMJ card so you must research the qualifying illnesses or conditions to receive the card.

You can grow what you need.

Many states allow card-carrying patients to grow their own medicine, with varying restrictions. But across the board, medical patients can grow greater amounts.

Illinois permits only medical users to grow five plants. Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and South Dakota also allow plants to be grown exclusively for medicinal use.

Accepting out-of-state medical marijuana cards is not a practice that every state follows.

How to get one.

It’s fairly easy. Check with your doctor or see Leafly’s online docs who may be able to provide a card for you.

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