I finally understood my diagnosis and physical limitations the day my neurologist said, “You need to use a cane.” My response was, “Oh no, I can’t do that.” My daughter told the doctor we would pick one up on the way home. And so we did! The ugliest, blackest, most downtrodden piece of medical equipment I had ever seen. 

My heart sank. So what did I do? I Googled “fashionable canes”, “newest canes, canes for the rich and famous…” I was searching for something other than hearts, hummingbirds, or Downton Abbey canes to match my personality and my look. I was determined that if I had to use a cane, I had to ROCK it! So, several months later, I saw this beautiful cane in the hand of a family friend from Philadelphia. 

I leaped to my feet and asked him where he purchased it – I had to have one! He said he had found an artist named Teresa Moorehouse who created them out of sculptured bronze. He loved them so much that he always carried two, one to use and one to give away. He said the one in his hands was mine! I cried when he put in in my hands. 

We talked about why we use canes, and how important they are to us. But more than anything my new friend in Philadelphia and Ms. Moorehouse gave me the opportunity to finally ROCK my cane. As the wonderful Mr. Redbone sang, “Without my walking stick, I’d go insane!”


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