I saw my ophthalmologist yesterday. Checking pressures and the optic nerve. I have closed angled glaucoma. No cure, but under control with a stent and drops. It is monitored frequently. The cause I am told is the shape of my eyes. Could be… however, HSP (Heredity Spastic Parapalegia) as it affects the spinal cord, brain, neurons and eyes.

Vision is always at the forefront of my worries about health. When first diagnosed with glaucoma, my friend Karen gave me a copy of Hellen Keller, my daughter Haley delighted in asking me “when do we get the wacky weed?” It was common knowledge that marijuana could keep your eye pressure at bay.

This check, eye pressure was fantastic… 12 in one eye, 13 in the other and my vision had improved slightly. I was delighted. I told the doctor I had been using cannabis and I felt it was making a difference. He explained that the old logic of cannabis keeping pressures down has since been studied and it will cause the pressure to rise. However, he continued cannabis does improve general health, which would explain the improvement.

My journey with CBD started because of chronic pain. Hammer to the knees, boa constrictor tight spasms in my legs, pain in my feet, my elbows, tree trunk legs that dragged behind me and a sensitivity so strong that “fight or flight” would kick in at the slightest touch and I had glaucoma. I chased symptoms for years with pharmaceuticals that treated one symptom while causing harm to other parts of my body. I had no idea that I could take one “medication” that would improve my life to the point that it would affect my entire body.

General health is a new term for me, but it is one that I have grown to love and respect as much as I love and respect cannabis!

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