Maybe I’ve been buried in Senior-High matters for too long but I’d never heard of emu oil until yesterday when I visited our new partners at MicroBuddery. I had mentioned my issues with arthritis and they suggested I try transdermal rub containing this unusual-sounding stuff called emu oil. I’ll review the product shortly, but thought you may be interested in this recent development in cannabis.

It seems emu oil has been around quite a while. It’s taken from under the skin of the emu, a dorky-looking and flightless bird native to Australia. Looks like the economy version of an ostrich. From what I’ve read on Medical News Today, Science Direct and other sources, the bird is becoming quite popular and can now be found in numerous countries. In fact, there’s even agencies including the American Emu Association that “have certification programs that aim to ensure that the emu oil people buy is pure, and that the emus enjoyed the best possible lives.” As one would do. No one wants an emu to think it’s lived its earth-bound life in vain.

Emu Oil for Arthritis Treatment

The oil has been reputed to possess amazing healing properties for over 40,000 years. That’s even older than a mother’s kiss on a child’s boo-boo, but not by much. Emu oil is a bright yellow, fatty liquid in its original form. Once collected, the oil is filtered and refined, and then used in a variety of commercial products. Over the centuries, it’s been used to help heal minor scrapes and help skin battle the elements. Aborigines, the amazing indigenous people of Australia, have long used it as a sunscreen and skin moisturizer.

Here’s where it gets interesting for us Senior-High students.

Emu oil has also traditionally been used as an anti-inflammatory, and has been successfully treated IBS, ear inflammation, and arthritis.

Arthritis. Got some? Read on.

Emu oil is made up of small particles, so it’s perfect for transdermal applications. In other words, unlike many other balms and creams, it passes through multiple layers of skin very quickly and effectively. And it goes in deep, which is great news for us arthritis sufferers.

Lemme directly quote from a site called Emujoy:

This natural and chemical-free products helps to alleviate joint pain, tenderness, stiffness, and swelling for several key reasons:

  • Emu oil contains healthy antioxidants which have a potent anti-inflammatory effect and can reduce the inflammation present in arthritic joints.
  • Thanks to its small molecular size, emu oil can penetrate deeply through the skin, providing real and lasting relief.
  • This reduction in inflammation not only helps to relieve pain and stiffness, but can prevent further damage, preventing further scar tissue formation within the joints.
  • By reducing swelling and tenderness of the joints and surrounding muscles, emu oil can improve joint mobility and restore normal motion–translating to better performance during activities of daily life.

But wait, there’s more.

Emu oil may also help reduce skin damage from anti-cancer treatments.

Though there aren’t yet authoritative scientific tests to validate this claim, apparently emu oil can pass its absorbable trait to other compounds when they’re blended. That’s why emu oil is used in moisturizers that contain other oils. Together, the components keep skin moist and protected. In fact, there are claims that it can reduce wrinkles – another benefit for seniors who may have one or two. It’s been recommended to help treat skin wounds, seborrheic dermatitis, alopecia, rosacea, hypopigmentation, and shingles. And certain terpenes in the oil repel bugs.

It’s like the WD40 of natural oils.

Today, savvy cannabis including Cannaoriginals are using Emu oil in products such as Transdermal Rub, with – based on my own experience – exceptional results. This may be a breakthrough for our Seniors, who can benefit on many levels from this elixir. Thank you, you beautiful, large, flightless bird!

NOTE: As we advise with all cannabis products, start off slowly if you use emu oil. Some people have experienced skin irritation from its application, so apply a very small dab at first and see how your body reacts before ladling it on. And if pregnant, consult your doc to ensure he or she is OK with you using products containing emu oil. Always be cautious.

I’ll have more in my upcoming product review but until then, you may want to check out cannabis and other products containing this surprisingly effective, multi-purpose solution.

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