When we opened Senior-High, we thought the most common ailment seniors sought to alleviate using a cannabis product would be aches and pains. You get older, things that used to work don’t work as well, if at all. You creak. While you used to be able to jump out of bed, these days it takes a bit of a slow warmup and some cautious first steps to make sure you’re going to stay vertical.

But actually, the ailment that’s common to most seniors is sleeplessness. We’ve found that CBD products for sleep are just what the doctor ordered. You’d think that when you retired from working, you wouldn’t worry anymore when you got into bed. No more concerns about incompetent bosses, co-workers who should have been named Moe, Larry and Curly, and vengeful young underlings anxious to make you look bad and take your job. No concerns about things being shipped or delivered correctly. No time cards to punch or clocks to watch. You can’t be late to a job you no longer have.*

But a lot of us, even after getting a head start on the log sawing concerto by conking out in our recliner, drool cascading down our chins with arms and legs spread akimbo, somehow wake up and lie there for an hour once we finally stagger off to bed. What do I have to do tomorrow? Why did I miss that short putt? Is there gas in the car? Where did I leave my socks? If I left the cat sleeping in the living room, what’s that large, growling lump at the bottom of the bed with the iridescent eyes?

Sleep that used to come so easily when we were younger now eludes us. Meditation doesn’t always help nor does progressive relaxation. And we’re too lazy to turn on the lights and read a dull book or turn on CSPAN.

Then there are the “lucky” ones who fall asleep – and then wake up at 3 AM, either for no reason or nature called. And then they can’t fall back asleep. Many just resign themselves and get out of bed, get dressed, and begin their miserable day as a cranky, error-prone zombie.

Thankfully, we at Senior-High have found numerous cures for sleeplessness all within different types of CBD products. You can find them all on our CBD Products page. We’ve had good luck with Sandland’s products. They offer both Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep pills. We also have tried Papa and Barkley’s tinctures with good results. Green Roads, Vena, Medterra, Joy Organics, and Kurativ all offer products we’ve found help us get a great night’s sleep.

We do suggest caution with edibles: they can take time to kick in so plan ahead. Try taking your dose an hour before you plan to hit the rack. You may also want to start off by taking a third or even a quarter of a gummy and see how it goes. If you’re comfortable, take another quarter the next time you need one.

The great thing about CBD products for sleep is that, unlike some prescription solutions, they produce no side effects and aren’t addictive.

So when it’s time for slumber-land, try one of the fine CBD products made available through Senior-High.

* Actually, I still have dreams in which I’m going to be late to work and worry about imaginary assignments being due – and I’ve been “retired” for two years!


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