We used to be invulnerable. We used to bounce when we fell. Mommie kissed our owies and they got better fast. We could run and jump and play all kinds of sports easily.

Now getting out of bed makes things creak and crack like someone’s making popcorn. The slightest bump leaves bizarre bruises that we can’t even remember where they came from. The only activity that seems safe is getting into bed. The weather changes and we ache. We run a block and we really do “feel the burn.” Dancing anything more strenuous than the Box Step can require CPR and three days of bed rest. Did you know you can use CBD for pain treatment?

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t suffer from aches and pains. In fact, comparing the pains we’re dealing with over tea or a cocktail has become a vital component of our social lives. Just last week, I overheard two ladies at lunch one-upping each other with their maladies:

Lady 1: “I sprained my ankle and broke my wrist playing golf!”

Lady 2: “Ooh, that’s nothing, my dear. Last week during pickle ball, my head fell off!”

Our local drug store is usually almost sold out of Bayer aspirin, Motrin, Deep Heat, Ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, and other over-the-counter pains pills.

Big pharma loves seniors.

But a lot of us are tired of the OTC pain meds. And a growing number of us are very wary of prescription meds that have so many possible negative side effects that it takes more time to list them than describe the benefits of the product. That’s a bit scary.

Fortunately, there are many cannabis products that can dramatically alleviate pain. Yes, now we can use CBD to treat our aches and pains.

There is a host of balms and creams we’ve found very effective. We’re still road-testing a number of them but so far, we’re really liking products from Papa and Barkley’s Releaf Balms, Kurativ’s Premium CBD Balm (smells like a Piña colada – yum!), and Green Roads’ Muscle and Joint Cream which we’re currently reviewing.

One thing to remember is that some products for aches and pains contain varying amounts of THC. From our experience, since the product is applied topically, we have never felt even the slightest bit high. Nothing. Nil. Zilch.

But a lot of topicals are now incorporating CBG. Like CBD, CBG acts as an anti-inflammatory. It’s found in smaller quantities than other cannabinoids, so products that contain it may be a bit more expensive. But we think it’s worth it. Our experience is that balms and creams that contain CBG are more effective than CBD-only products. That said, your mileage may vary.

We’ve found “the entourage effect” can be the best Rx for a lot of folks. That means, a combination of balms and tinctures and edibles that address pain – taking together over time – can be far more effective than relying on only one delivery system. If you’d like a confidential discussion regarding your specific ailment, schedule a private, one-on-on Senior-High consultation here.

So in addition to topicals, we’ve found Relax and CBD’s lovely Massage Oil helps us with our aches and pains. So do a variety of tinctures on our CBD Products page under the “General Wellness” tab. Combine them for your own “entourage effect!”

Products containing THC (which may still be illegal in some states) can also provide significant relief from pain. We’ve tried vape pens from Dosist that do produce psychoactive effects but also make us hurt less. Pre-rolls (nicely rolled joints) have also been helpful to us. Caveat: We cannot offer products containing THC on our website, so you’ll have to get in touch with a local dispensary for these. If you’re not accustomed to products that contain THC, you may want to consider starting off very slowly and conservatively; every body is different and some can enjoy a moderate amount of THC while others may be more sensitive. Again, start off slow!

We warmly welcome you to Senior-High’s Shop, where you can acquire CBD/CBG products that can address arthritis, sprains and other aches and pains. Just go to our CBD producs page and click on the “Aches and Pains” tab.

There’s no reason you can’t still enjoy pickle ball, tennis, jogging, dancing, and other activities that promote good health and make life worth living. If you get an owie, the broad spectrum of cannabis products can take the sting out of your latest boo-boo.

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