Our President and CEO was recently interviewed on the excellent podcast, BiteMe. In the episode “The Golden Years are Looking Green,” Karen and her Canadian counterpart who also works with seniors were interviewed by host Marge, who founded this fun and helpful website and podcast. It’s a really fun conversation focusing on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, particularly in edibles that you can make yourself.

As Marge says… “You can make great edibles at home! It just takes a little patience, some great direction (from moi) and a willingness to eat a f— ton of edibles in the process (if practice makes perfect you better work up your appetite!) I’ve made all the mistakes and after making great edibles that I personally enjoy night after night (after night after night after night) I’ve learned a thing or two. While I’m not a professional chef, I am an avid cook who has successfully managed to never poison or kill any family member through food in my 20+ of cooking. Odds are you’re not a professional chef either!”

Take a listen and check out the BiteMe website for helpful hints, recipes and everything but the kitchen sink. And get in touch with Marge at bitemepodcast@fastmail.com.


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