Penny Atlee is my friend. She is 82 years old, an active, funny lady who possesses an amazing attitude about life, particularly given the fact that she is deaf. I have known her for two years and enjoy her company immensely. I first met Penny when she “heard” through the grapevine at our community pool that I was “the cannabis lady.” She came to my house and we managed to share our experiences with cannabis as medicine by exchanging notes and reading lips for two immensely enjoyable hours. We laughed, shed a tear or two, and most importantly shared information so I could formulate a plan to suggest a cannabis-based regimen to help alleviate Penny’s issues.

I received this text from Penny two days ago. She had taken a hard fall and was concerned.

“Good morning. It was last Saturday evening when I fell. Fast forward to now, I barely feel sore. I am puzzled. I’d like to think that taking CBG and CBN that night helped. I took CBD yesterday morning and again last night. I started having imbalance a few months ago. You said you have imbalance issues. Since when? Did you break or fracture your bones?”

My reply:

“Hi Penny, I have had balance issues for 12 years. Yes, I have fallen. I sometimes use a cane when I feel wobbly, particularly when it’s cold and damp. I broke my leg in three places a few days before we moved to the desert from the beach. And, I have bruised almost every part of my body. This imbalance is why I stay on my regimen. I take CBD tincture for wellness and health every morning. I take CBDA for anxiety. I use CBG for my balance (a neurological disease known as an ataxia). Occasionally I use a THC vape pen for pain and CBN for sleep. The entourage effect of layering cannabinoids works for me.

Penny, I think you are becoming a true advocate as well. It doesn’t happen overnight but after a while you realize that your health is improving. And based on the history of your usage, it sounds like it is. I find it so interesting that staying on a regimen works so well that you don’t even know your health is improving, until you stop taking it. Then you feel less well again. It is a subtle but noticeable change.”

As I talk to people about the medicinal qualities of cannabis, this conversation with Penny and other testimonials just like it resonates with our Senior-High followers. I am not a medical professional. I am, however, a highly experienced professional who has studied cannabis with numerous doctor-developed cannabis training institutions and received certifications that help empower me to help patients and consumers achieve success based on proven protocols. I am a true believer in the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and a student and ongoing researcher in the science of this plant. And, most importantly, I’m helping people like Penny.

While I do not guarantee anyone a cure, a pain free life, or a quick fix to any disease or encumbrance, I listen and share my experiences and training, as well as the stories other seniors just like you who have tried cannabis, followed a regimen, and have improved their quality of life through the medicinal qualities of the plant.

If you have the desire, the patience and the fortitude to allow cannabis to help you reach balance within your body, we should talk. Senior-High offers one-on-one, highly confidential consultations to discuss our followers’ specific ailments and discuss possible remedies to ease those ailments that affect us as we age. Just bear in mind that it is a journey to wellness, not a sprint.

I invite you to request a personal consultation here. Let’s feel better and enjoy our lives.


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